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  1. Standard Premium Xbox 360 HDMI Cable
    YOU SAVE 57%

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price: $17.00

    Standard Premium Xbox 360 HDMI Cable


    Maximize the digital high-definition capabilities of your Xbox® with the Standard Premium Xbox HDMI Cable by HD-360™. With up to 1080p resolution plus the superior audio via the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound output, you can now enjoy games and movies with your family and friends. With the convenience of just a single cable, you can never underestimate its potential to bring fun and entertainment to an all new higher level.

    Learn More
  2. Economic Plus HD Pack

    As low as: $14.99

    Economic Plus HD Pack

    Who says owning the coolest gadget is very expensive? 360HDMI, your leading resource for all your gaming needs understands the principle that when it’s about your gadgets, owning them should not be expensive rather be budget-friendly. Learn More
  3. Power Max HD Pack

    As low as: $49.99

    Power Max HD Pack

    (Coming soon) Made using the latest technology, the Power Max HD Pack is an amazing product and which you will be proud to own. With immense features and benefits ,it has risen in popularity to become a reliable gaming product for different individuals. To this extent, it now one of the fastest selling products among online shoppers. Learn More
  4. Power Plus HD Pack

    As low as: $19.99

    Power Plus HD Pack

    Do you need to maximize on the performance of your TV? There is no need to worry because the hottest deals are available for you, and now for a remarkably reasonable price you can get power plus HD pack and enrich your viewing. 360 HDMI hot deals are just what you need because everyone will get something out of these offers. Learn More
  5. XBox RCA Optical Audio Adapter Cable
    YOU SAVE 22%

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price: $7.77

    Xbox Surround Audio Adapter Cable (RCA-Optical)

    RCA Audio adapter for non-HDMI supported stereo systems. Allows HDMI video to be routed to the HDTV with the audio routed separately to the home theater system. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound output. Feel confident connecting your console to high-definition equipment with the quality you expect from an authentic xbox product. Output: RCA Red / White (L / R) channel; Toslink Optical Audio. Learn More
  6. Premium 4 In x 2 Out Matrix switcher hdmi 1.3 with remote control
    YOU SAVE 3%

    Regular Price: $58.00

    Special Price: $55.99

    Premium Matrix switcher 4 In x 2 Out HDMI 1.3 with remote control

    The 4x2 HDMI matrix access to four HDMI sinks, using four HDMI sources. The matrix allows four HDMI devices to be switched or split easily to two HDMI compatible monitors or projectors. The Matrix can also be placed at the end of a long HDMI cable to regenerate the HDMI signal. Learn More
  7. HDMI Female to HDMI Male F/F Gold Adapter Coupler
    YOU SAVE 13%

    Regular Price: $8.00

    Special Price: $7.00

    Standard HDMI Shield Gold Adapter (F/M)

    "HDMI F/M Gold plated connectors PVC molding,RoHs compliant Copper Connectors" Learn More
  8. HDMI Repeater
    YOU SAVE 25%

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $15.00

    HDMI Cable Extender / Repeater

    The HDMI Repeater extends the length ol any HDMI cable by regenerating the HDMI signal betore it sends the outputs to the HDMI monitor or projector so you can use 2 cables and unite it to be one longer cable. Learn More
  9. Cheap Xbox 360 HDMI Cable
    YOU SAVE 28%

    Regular Price: $10.79

    Special Price: $7.77

    Budget Regular Xbox 360 HDMI Cable

    For those budget-conscious game and entertainment enthusiasts, the Budget Regular Xbox 360 HDMI Cable is designed for them. Though it comes in simpler version but never underestimate its powerful capacity to handle and produce good quality of video and audio. Learn More
  10. Best Xbox 360 HDMI Cable
    YOU SAVE 40%

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price: $47.99

    Platinum Gold Pro Xbox 360 HDMI Cable


    Out of stock

    (Coming soon) Breathtaking High Definition home entertainment can now be yours with the Platinum Gold Pro Xbox 360 HDMI Cable. Unleash the amazing capabilities of your Xbox 360® with this all new revolutionary product that deliver beyond amazing pictures and superb sound quality. Yes, you can now watch life-like hi-def on-screen images paired with an outstanding digital surround sound that enliven you game and movie experiences; be it from Blu-Ray Discs to your favorite games. Learn More

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