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Power Max HD Pack

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2012):

This kit is so amazing and I am very impressed by the performance of the product. It includes both a 360 HDMI cable and a RCA/Optical Audio adapter. With the RCA/Optical Audio adapter I can have a connection for both of digital optical and my RCA-type audio. So this kit really comes handy for me.

If you’re a game who would just want to connect your precious Xbox 360 into your TV or with the A/V receiver through 360HDMI, you can definitely get by with 360HDMI cable alone which is so inexpensive to acquire. I have browsed the offers and packages available for a 360HDMI cable and I was really surprised by the cheaper offers that the give. My friend regretted it when I told him that I got a genuine 360HDMI cable for $7.7 only. His HDMI cable caused him $40. So you see the difference