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Power Matrix HD+ Pack

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2012):

For the first time that I received it, I started playing it all through the night and noticed that wires did not over heat like the wires I used to have for my Xbox. Well they say that it has better shielding and I guess I have proven that it’s for real.

Before, I was worried with the vertical lines that I see when I play Madden 2009. I thought I was playing too long that the TV was already malfunctioning. The 360 HDMI proved me wrong when I play Madden again for long hours and see nothing but sharp images of what I play. Pretty cool. I thought I was damaging my entertainment set but it was all because of the wirings. Good thing I bought HDMI.

Clutter is something that spoils the fun for a gamer because wires remind a gamer that it’s just a game. But with 360 HDMI, I have a tidier place to play.