Standard Premium Xbox 360 HDMI Cable

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Standard Premium Xbox 360 HDMI Cable


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Quick Overview

Maximize the digital high-definition capabilities of your Xbox® with the Standard Premium Xbox HDMI Cable by HD-360™. With up to 1080p resolution plus the superior audio via the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound output, you can now enjoy games and movies with your family and friends. With the convenience of just a single cable, you can never underestimate its potential to bring fun and entertainment to an all new higher level.

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Product Description

The only HDMI cable specifically designed for Xbox®

Deliver up to 400% better than other HDMI cable

This cable is "Specifically Designed for the Xbox®", better than most cables in the market. Scientifically proven, the product is 400% better than it's competitor,  we offer better gameplay, higher quality sound and faster speed. It can even override the standard Xbox® HDMI cable that is available from Microsoft. 360HDMI
Standard Premium Xbox® HDMI cable is designed with the same feature and same quality as with the most expensive cables out there but with only the fraction of the price. Maximize the digital high-definition capabilities of your Xbox®.

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Feel more confident

By researching the best ways to improve gameplay and testing hundreds of cable, the 360HDMI™ Standard Premium Xbox® HDMI cable has invented a new and innovative way to bring you solutions for better gaming. You can feel more confident because the cable is designed specifically for Xbox®. It will optimize gaming graphic quality , deliver faster speed and better audio quality outputs.

Enjoy Real HD experience

360HDMI™ Standard Premium Xbox® HDMI cable is equipped with Real HD technologies which optimized for game playing and perfect for games with intricate details. It can cope up with the latest High Definition LED TVs even the ones with high ms responses. The cable will give better clarity and give an authentic HD experience. Some testimonials even proved that this cable can bring an HD 1080p quality to the Xbox® which only gives 720p maximum resolution.  We are also confident that our cable will still be the best and will be compatible for the rumored new upcoming Xbox console, that will replace the Xbox360®.

Say goodbye to delays and lag

Some gamers experience fuzzy and pixelized display when playing  fast pace, graphic heavy games like racing games, First person shooters, etc. Some will even experience nausea, which will destroy any semblance of a good gaming experience. Most of the cause is because the cable cannot deliver enough FPS (Frame per second) to the TV. With 360HDMI™ Standard Premium Xbox® HDMI  cable, you will not experience that issue anymore because the cable delivers faster bandwith speeds up to 10.2Gbps to ensure that there are no delays or lag while playing.

Fully optimized for 3D gaming

99% of recent games are 3D technology based, especially games for the Xbox. However, 3D gaming and 3D movies are different. 3D gaming definition is viewed from a technical perspective. It means that the game is developed based on 3D techniques. This can enable you to move the game character forward or backward or you can have a close up move to the front then suddenly kicked out to the back and vice versa. While 3D movies means more in visualization. You can feel the whole display more alive when using 3D movies technology. Nevertheless, the HD-360™ Standard Premium Xbox® HDMI cable is designed and was created for this. The cable is fully optimized for 3D gaming graphics, ensuring smoothness and clarity on any 3D game.

Experience real 3D (for movies)

While this cable is optimized for 3D gaming, it has real 3D features that are specialized for movies. The cable designed to be at par or better than other high end cables in the market. HD-360™ Standard Premium Xbox® HDMI Cable is equipped with newest 1.40 HDMI version  which has the 3D features for movies. If you have the newest 3D TVs and 3D HD Video players like Blu-ray/DVD player, our cable are compatible and can be used for you to enjoy real 3D movies.

Enjoy Hassle Free installation and maximum graphic quality

With the innovative Flat HD jacket technology, you can easily install the cable to your Gaming/Home Theater system while keeping maximum graphic quality. Studies have proven that a flat design is much better than a round cable. The cables are hard to break even if pressured, because it is designed to handle bending and other related stress. A flat design is also much better aesthetically because the cables can be easilly hidden, like under carpets, behind TV's,  inside TV stands or around the corners. The Flat HD tech can ensure simple and aesthetically pleasing installation without comprimising the graphic quality and cable strenght.

Enjoy maximum performance with High Class features and better quality

HD-360™ Standard Premium Xbox® cable is designed to have same  features and quality as other high class (expensive) cables in the market. The cable transceded by adding additional features that are unique and better, which focuses on better graphics for gaming and faster bandwith speeds.


Comparison Result

Maximize the digital high-definition capabilities of your Xbox® with the Standard Premium Xbox HDMI Cable by HD-360. With up to 1080p resolution plus superior audio via the Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound output, you can now enjoy games and movies with your family and friends. With the convenience of just a single cable, you can never underestimate its potential to bring fun and entertainment to an all new higher level.

More Information

Xbox Gaming SupportOptimized
SpeedUp to 14.3 Gbps
Dolby/DTS/HD AudioYes
HD 1080pYes
3D FeatureOptimized
Gold PlatedYes
ROHS CertYes
Head HousingOptimal Connector
Triple ShieldingYes
Flat HD TechYes
Aluminium BraidingYes
Ethernet SupportYes
Cable Length6 Feet

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Never been this better

It is really a good decision that I ordered 360 HDMI for my entertainment and gaming console. I never thought that the screen’s visual display of my HD TY can still be improves with cables – 360HDMI. It is a very cheap investment that everyone should have. Upon receiving 360HDMI, I immediately tried it to test the difference because many of youtube users documented the difference of the AV cable (I don’t know If I am calling those three cables right) from a HDMI cable especially a 360HDMI. Thanks it worked out as expected. My TV’s resolution worked had never been that good until the day I received my order. Aside from that, my Xbox 360 with 360HDMI is really tandem that should never be separated. The screen resolution has dramatically changed and I never really thought that I can still be transformed into something new.

Posted on 4/30/12 by Nick


Go for this -wont regret

Well of you are having problem with your sound system setup you can just can simply fix and upgrade it with 360HDMI cable and solve the problem. When I used the 360 HDMI with my entertainment system particularly to my Xbox 360 I felt so much relief and the kids really love it. My wife enjoys the music the we play through it as if we’re having a live performance of her favorite song.

Posted on 4/30/12 by Allan


Dont waste your Xbox 360 use this

This is a must-have for all Xbox 360 owners who are craving to get the most out of their system and HD TV. This is a complete package for your audio-visual experience that defines the gaming experience itself. If you will not have the best of your Xbox 360, it could be frustrating and a waste of the payment for buying your unit. If you will invest in an Xbox 360 as a gamer, it would be better of you will have the maximum potential of it and it would be best if you would decide to get more than you are having with cables that cannot keep up with the advancement of your Xbox 360.

Posted on 4/30/12 by Malex


A real treat

Upon trying this 360HDMI with my Xbox 360 I have experience the maximum potential of high-definition movies and games which really stands for its claim of 1080p resolution. 360HDMI is so amazing that I don’t have to make cluttered audio system for my game leisure time. I have to confess that I play every time I have I have vacant hours from work. It’s my award system for myself every time I finished a task from work. So it is so important for me to have the best of my leisure time.

Posted on 4/30/12 by Manny


4 Item(s)

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